I QUIT! So the journey begins…

Hi Friends! So the day finally came…and went…just like that. I handed in my resignation this past Tuesday, the first day of Spring appropriately enough. No one ever tells you how anti-climactic that day is in reality. And no one ever warns you just how tortuous the days are between the time you quit and the time you actually leave. I have the worst case of senioritis. They also don’t warn you about how many times you’re going to have to repeat your future plans to everyone. You quit? You’re going where? There’s life OUTSIDE of here?? YOU’RE COMING BACK AREN’T YOU?! Frankly, I’ve never been more annoyed with myself.

But what’s one more time…bear with me, here goes!

Last day of work is May 4th which will be an incredibly long 20-minute day in which I have just enough time to launch my badge through work’s security gates as I race my little car to the Turnpike South. My best friend Steve will be visiting from San Antonio and we’re determined to do all of the obnoxious touristy Miami things that we didn’t have time for during his last visit. I’ll have eight days at home in South Florida with my parents – most of which will be spent packing, unpacking, agonizing over finding the most strategic way of arranging my 500 outfits and then repacking my suitcase.

Then…I’m heading to Sydney, Australia šŸ™‚

I will be gone for a month…unless, of course, I lose all sense of responsibility and decide that I like being worryless and free. Sounds terrible really.

I will be trekking the country with my favorite pseudo-Aussie, Bradley. Homebase is Sydney but we will make our way up the Gold Coast to Coolangatta, Dive the Great Barrier Reef and finally take a jaunt to Bali, Indonesia. (A year ago I was spending 40 hours a week in an ergonomic swivel chair staring at Excel spreadsheets and everything that is happening now was just a few lines on a yellow legal pad. Excuse me while I pinch myself!)

After my return home, I am packing up the rest of my belongings and moving to St. Louis (FERRETTI CITY!) where I will start my MBA at Washington University.

I don’t, at this moment, have any long-winded philosophical lessons for you but I promise these next few months will be full of them. I’m taking you on every entertaining step of the way.

Stay tuned! First stop, New Student Weekend in St. Louis next weekend.




7 thoughts on “I QUIT! So the journey begins…

  1. Kimmie: I love you, kiddo šŸ™‚ The fact that you support me as a person and not just a sister means the world to me!

    Lionel: I so appreciate your support as well! Glad you’re coming along for the journey.

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