Round 1 of The St. Louis S#!T To-Do list

See The St. Louis Cathedral Basilica:

The basilica is located in the epicenter of the trendy Central West End. It took seven years and 41.5 million mosaic pieces to complete it. It is an incredibly ornate church that is awe-demanding from every corner and still manages to impress me even post Vatican-city experience. That being said, I spent most of my time there laughing at the two little girls that were yelling “fart” into the alter and giggling at their echo.


Immature Humor: 1

Cathedral: 0

See A Show at The Muny:

I was surprised to find out that The Muny is America’s oldest and largest outdoor theater. It’s completely unassuming from the outside but once you’re inside, the walls give way to an impressive 11,000 seat venue. It’s one of those rare gems where you’re allowed to wear flip flops and bring your own booze (which is convenient because had we paid for our own tickets they would have been a hefty $70 each.) We saw a show called Pirates.
I either have a highly under or overdeveloped appreciation for art because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was so entertaining about a bunch of singing pirates and their lazily recycled humor. The grown woman in front of us must have thought they were the second coming because she sat on the edge of her seat with her hands to her mouth and vehemently shushed us every time our stomachs gurgled.


The Muny itself: 1
Everything Inside The Muny: 0

Go To A Cardinals Game:

I’ve tried this twice now and both games were rain delayed until about 9:30 at night. This doesn’t bode well for my old-lady schedule but I did have lots of fun. I went with my Godfather’s brother and their cousin the first time (you should know by now that Greeks have a thing for ridiculously extended families.) School treated us to tickets for the second game and after buckets of crawfish and beer at Broadway Oyster, we sloshed our way over to the stadium just in time to see my cousins sing “God Bless America” on the field. It’s nice to see a crowd that actually has a deep affinity for their team so I’m looking forward to seeing a game from beginning to end.

Cardinals: 1
Rain: 0

Work at The St. Nicholas Greek Festival

Ok. Admittedly, I’m really biased on this one. As lifelong members of the church, my family has always been heavily involved in bringing this festival to fruition every year. That it has become the largest cultural festival in St. Louis is reason enough to be proud. What’s really cool is that visitors who aren’t even part of the Greek community brag about the captivating “energy” of it. We got rained on this year but it didn’t stop the usual 45-minute Gyro lines from forming. Believe me, the food is that good. And as the cherry-on-top…Karma showed up to give White Pants Guy a taste of his own deliciously moronic medicine. He was spotted early on in the weekend and everyone in the family had an eye out for this goofy-looking guy in a fedora. On the evening of the last day we were all gathered around the festival exit. My uncle – being the ever-classy person that he is – spotted a fedora meandering squeamishly toward the exit. My uncle points at him, practically poking him in the chest and yells “HEY DANI, IS THIS WHITE PANTS GUY?” not realizing that it was, indeed, White Pants Guy. We all erupted in hysterical laughter and I could have sworn I saw his tail between his legs as he hurriedly escaped. I’m not one for “revenge” but c’mon….that was better than a Baklava Sundae and fresh baked Loukoumades.


Rain & White Pants Guy: 0

Crazy Greeks: A gagillion

One of my cousins (back, right) singing at the Cardinals game

The St. Louis Cathedral Basilica

My Papou (Grandpa) and his Godson playing the Bouzouki

The Athenos Deli tent at The St. Nicholas Greek Festival

The never-ending Gyro line at the Taverna tent – St. Nicholas Greek Festival

Taking a break from working at the festival to dance with an old Greek!

Cooling off


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