The St. Louis To-Do List

This is the second in a series of “STDL’s”:

Signed, sealed and posted on my blog so I’m held accountable! My friend Eric and I put this together. The items are fairly generic (give us a break – we’ve expended all of our brain cells in class) but the idea is to involve our MBA class for each one, which will make them infinitely more entertaining. As we check items off the list, I’ll post blogs about them. We’ve already managed to complete seven of these and the stories are already ridiculous.

I’m beginning to learn that I’m like a walking Murphy’s Law who always precedes happenstance with a healthy dose of chaos.

Stay tuned…those stories to come!

An aerial view of Washington University – taken while on my VIP helicopter tour!

-Eat Pappy’s Sweet Potato Fries



-Find the 5133 Kensington Lot from “Meet Me in St. Louis” and Sinatra’s ‘Girl Next Door’

See the Cathedral Basilica St. Louis

-Cahokia Mounds

-Find Tim Tams! (These kids don’t know what they are.)

See a show at the Muny

Helicopter Tour of St.Louis

-Go to the zoo

-Moonlight Ramble (Midnight bike ride through Forest Park)

-Go to the opening of my cousin’s latest restaurant: Circle 7 Ranch (table side beer taps!!)

-Go on the annual Ferretti Family Mizzou football trip

See the Hot Air Balloon races in Forest Park

-See the Jewel Box in Forest Park

-Art Museum

History Museum

Boathouse, Forest Park

-Swim in the fountain at Forest Park

-Go up in the Arch

Go to a Cardinals Game

Riverboat Booze Cruise

Work The Greek Festival

-Botanical Gardens

-Budweiser tour

-Schlafly’s tour

-Go to Mardi Gras

-See Nashville

-Go on a Snow Boarding trip

-Plan a class trip (Jamaica? Argentina?)

-Go to Lake of The Ozarks

-Beer Float! Down the river

-Six Flags

-Take the train to Chicago

-Meet Spearit

-City Museum

-Host an International Foods Night

-Warrior Dash in Old Monroe


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